Kent Ro Water Purifier

Home for Purifiers - The water coming out of the tap can contain rust, bacteria, cysts, sand and many a times even chemicals and dissolved salts. Besides bacteria & virus, water from bore-well can harbor some of the deadliest known chemicals & metals like Fluoride, Arsenic, lead & many dissolved salts. Depending upon the source, the water from over-head tank can be highly contaminated with heavy metals, chemicals and biological impurities. Use Kent RO Purifiers for 100% Safe, Healthy and Tasty Purified Water

Home for Purifier. WHOLE HOUSE WATER PURIFIER from 3M.

3M Advantage 3M Clean Water Solutions, a division of 3M Purification Inc., is committed to providing our customers with top-notch service and superior product technology. We pride ourselves on delivering a quality experience throughout your entire purchase—from gathering information to follow up after installation. No hassle and no hidden fees means you get honest answers and superb service for all your clean water needs. At 3M, our promise is to keep delivering practical and ingenious solutions to suit your needs. The 3M brand continues to stand for quality and performance after over 100 years of service. We are your trusted advocate for clean water solutions. 3M's sustainability initiatives include social responsibility, environmental protection and economic progress. From creating a bottled-water-free zone at the office, to sending an engineer to Haiti to develop sustainable drinking water solutions, 3M is committed to sustainability on small and large scales.

IFB Industrial

IFB's Industrial Laundry machines are equipped with state-of-the-art technology, which makes them more economical and ecologically better suited for the environment. They are highly efficient, ergonomically simple to use, and deliver high quality washing results. We have a range of products starting with a 10 kg washer to 180 kg washer – catering to all your laundry needs. IFB also offers a comprehensive range of Industrial Dishwashers - for small, medium and large establishments. Handling a load of thousands of dishes can be easily achieved with our Dishwashers’ impeccable speed, superb wash quality and durability. They are designed with simple controls that enable efficiency and minimise labour.


Washmatic commenced its operations in 2005 and is a part of Aster Group (in business since 1989). The Company is focused on providing end to end ware washing solutions to all establishments which serve food and beverages. We manufacture dishwashers, accessories and crate washers which are marketed through our country wide sales network consisting of our own offices and distributors. Our Group Companies are also engaged in providing solutions to hospitality segment in the area of food & beverage production as well as service. The Company is managed by a team of professional managers Washmatic provides complete solutions to its clients through technical support teams well versed with Indian conditions, machine applications, wash load estimation, ware handling conveyors, tabling, work flow, HACCP practices, aesthetics etc.

Home for Purifiers – Drinking, Bathing, Cloth Washing and Dish Washing

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