Blue Mount


Bluemount is a new-age water purifier brand which originates from India to serve the people of its country. We have taken a challenge- to provide 100% pure and healthy water in every household.

We study and understand the need of pure water for every person, the water present and accessible for consumption and the purification hassles which most purifiers bring with themselves. We have one motive to provide the purest & healthy water for one and all.

We bring a wide range of technologically advanced water purifier which will suit water needs of various Indian household & industries.


To become an answer/one voice for all kinds of consumable purification needs worldwide lead by innovation and spreading awareness about healthy and pure lifestyle.


To help people be healthy while being the top most consumer-centric company in India.



We ensure the best quality in every aspect of our product. We have set highest & most stringent parameter for all our products to ensure that we serve our customer in a best possible manner always.


We believe in transparency & honesty in all our dealings. We do business with highest standards of professionalism & we ensure that we are always ethical in all our dealings.


We believe that customer is king and we always uphold customers at the highest level in our organization. We strive to maintain life long relationship with all our customers.

Team motivation

We believe that organization is as good as its people. We are a people center organization, where employees are encouraged to participate in decision making. We strive to bring our best from all our people, by maintaining their morals & motivation at the highest level.


We always try to bring new technology to market & innovate at every aspect of our dealing to ensure maximum customer satisfaction.

Industrial Alkaline RO Water Machines


commercial water purifiers

  • Blue Mount brings exclusive models which work on highly advanced Alkaline RO technology for industries and commercial usage. With high flow rate, online purification, membranes which prevent scaling and customizable design it gives 100 % pure and healthy water without any compromise on the quality of water at a very economical running cost.
  • Now never compromise on drinking water for your customers, workers, guests or yourself.

Industrial Water Treatment Machine

Iron Remover, Softener, dual media filter,



  • Inspired by one of the most widely used water purification technologies, the Bluemont iron remover removes excessive ferrous and manganese substances from your water. It removes the risk of impurities damaging your pipelines, expensive bathroom fittings, clothes, skin, and hair. The non-electric iron remover is easy to install, easy to maintain and highly efficient that not only protects your assets, but also saves you money on maintenance and electricity bills.