Kent Water Softener Distributor

Kent Water Softener Distributor – Citi Services

Citi Services ( Sister concern of Citi Sol ) appointed as Kent Water Softener Distributor. For all your Softener requirements @ best price and prompt service contact Citi Services @ 9884652484 / 9884040884.

Kent Water Softener Autosoft 255 with resin volume of 28 litres and a maximum of 2500 litres/hour with automatic regeneration every 3000 litres.

Suitable for Villas, Individual houses, individual flat, small restaurants and the list goes on……..


Kent Water Softener Distributor

Whole house Water Softener.

About Water Softeners

Water softening is the removal of calcium, magnesium, and certain other metal cations in hard water. The resulting soft water is more compatible with soap and extends the lifetime of plumbing. Water softening is usually achieved using lime softening or ion-exchange resins.


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