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.     rvwe-15-Washer-Extractor                                 rvwe-30-washer-extractor                                  rvwe-45-washer-extractor                                         rvwe-60-washer-extractor

.                 RVWE15                                                         RVWE30                                                                  RVWE45                                                                   RVWE60

IFB  has 3 washer extractors in our range. There is the Rigid Mount with Medium Spin, the Free Standing with High Spin, the Hygienic Barrier with High Spin, and the Professional Washer Extractors with High Spin.

This Tufftec Washer Extractor is designed for professional needs. Innovative features like the LCD display makes it easy to use, select and store wash programs. Robust stainless steel construction prevents rusting and ensures superior durability. Minimal time to fill and discharge water improves productivity and maximizes savings.

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